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life's weirdness


and not those who suck the fun out of everything and make you miserable ..
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Well .. I’m probably not the only one .. Maybe some of you have a weird and complicated life which might not seem weird and complicated to but to you it totally does.

I am at a place in my life where I again have no clue (AGAIN) what to do or expect from the future .. I’m totally aware of the fact that everyone is responsible for their own happiness .. so I was pretty happy once .. then I thought WOW .. if I do this I'll probably be even happier .. and I guess I was - for like a second or two but now .. I'm not anymore .. actually I'm pretty miserable .. but I want to be happy again .. because after all - everyone deserves to be happy, right? I feel like not just my life is weird but I'm weird as well .. weird.. but .. the problem is that if I want to be happy I need to be selfish which means “getting rid” of people who do not make me happy .. - am I allowed to be that egoistic?

oh well .. Life is complicated .. but therefore never boring ;)

Happy Sunday Everyone <3

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