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I feel sLOVEnia

 <3 When I was in the US I never realized how much I miss Slovenia <3

Isn't that weird? - I don't know .. even though it's not my home country I love this tiny state so darn much .. it has such a beautiful variety .. mountains in the north and the sea in the south .. it takes you not even  2 hours to cross the country which is amazing .. you can go skiing in the mountains and then drive down to dip your toes in the sea .. oh how much I love it :)

here are a couple of pictures from my weekendtrips down to Piran, Postojna, Bled, .. Bled is about 1 hour from my place and I love it because first of all they have a delicious desert called "kremna rezina" (Krem┼ínita, Cremeschnitte) .. and there is a castle and a small lake which has an island with a church on it in the middle :) I just like being there :)

Piran is a small town on the coast - the Slovene coast is only 47km long which is about 30 miles .. but it's still pretty and the water is fabulous :D

Postojna is a place in the middle of Slovenia which has some magnificent caves called Postojnska Jama and if you go further you'll see a unique castle called "Predjamski Grad" .. it is so worth a visit :D .. btw .. when I was in the Dollar Store in TN in the picture frame section there were some frames which had the picture of this exact castle in them :D I thought that was really amazing because Slovenia only has about 2 million inhabitants and it's a really small state .. there are even people out there who haven't heard of it at all ;)

Alright .. well .. I just wanted to share my love with Slovenia with you <3

Have a good day y'all ;)

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