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long time - no post

.. happy (belatet) new year :) I hope your 2o12 is full of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious adventures :) I hope mine will be :)

the reason why I did not update my blog for the last two weeks? - well .. I went down to Myrtle Beach and then my boyfriend asked me if I want to drive back to Tennessee with him so we can spend another week together, he was kind enough to pay for my ticket back to Philadelphia, and that's where I am right now until Saturday.

It was great to spend the week with Steven even though he had to work but it did make it even harder for me to say bye bye .. until August .. :/ I hope everything works out between us :)

buuuuuttttt what I am really happy about? I'll be home home on Sunday :) can't wait to see my family and celebrate my brother's birthday with yummi cake :) - and most importantly, I can't wait to be creative again .. it has been too long - I can't can't can't wait :)

and because a post without photos is not that great, here are some from Myrtle Beach :)

ah yeah and btw I have curls now :D and I LOVE them :)

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