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wedding invitations


my aunt - she's 51years old is
getting married in June .. she has been in a relationship with this man since 17 years, and now they are getting married :D

she asked me to make the wedding invitations as well as the place cards and guestbook - which I don't have yet, actually I have not even started to think about them but I will .. soon .. I hope LoL

my aunts ideas of how the perfect wedding invitations should look like are quite "different" .. she wanted pink/green and white - the colors are perfect because those are my favorites as well :D but she doesn't want a sentiment or anything like that .. no embellishments, nothing .. I'm glad I was able to convince her to use some white pearls ;)
so the invitations are not very fancy - but I hope she'll like them :)

I already bought a pair of nice shoes for the wedding - purple mini-heels :D unfortunately I have not yet found clothes that match the shoes - I'm still looking ;)

but here are the invitations - have a great weekend everyone :)


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