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happy saturday :)

I hope you guys are fine and enjoying the weekend :) I most certainly do :) scrapbooking, eating, watching TV, scrapbooking, surfing the internet, cuddling with my sweet Emma .. and did I mention scrapbooking yet .. ? :D

I know, University officially started on tuesday but *unfortunately* I just had on class on wednesday .. so there is still "nothing" to study +yay+ (except this pretty long reading list but somehow those books have not yet arrived in my mailbox .. what a pitty)

I'm not sure if I have something to show you today .. oh wait, I guess you have not seen this baby-pink card yet, right? A friend of mine - we were classmates about 10 years ago - gave birth to her second child 2 weeks ago. I'm pretty glad it is a girl +finally+ .. 'cos from time to time I love to use the color pink on my projects - not just baby-blue :P so here's the card I created for them (I'm sorry the picture is so bad exposed - I was in a hurry)

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