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Happy 2011

Hope you all had a fabulous New Year's Eve :)

I didn't go out to celebrate but still had a nice night watching movies :)

as already said, I totally think that 2011 is going to be a fabulous year :) I finally got the opportunity to study abroad :) in August I will leave for Tennessee and I'm so looking forward to it! Unfortunately, 8 more months but there's still so much to do until then - in January and February I have a lot of exams and a few papers to hand in (maybe I should start writing them .. Oo), I need to earn some money so I can spend it in the States, need to figure out a date for my TOEFL, have to call the embassy for an appointment to get my visa .. stuff like that - I hope everything works out fine :)

I also have a layout to share - the journaling is hidden behind the photo - I worked with my favorite papers, DeLovely from Cosmo Cricket, those colors reflect me and my personalty in all respects :)

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