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I know I know ..

baaaad baad baaad blogger award, shame on me ;(

I'm so sorry for not posting anything lately .. I was too busy doing nothing .. after fallin a little bit in love with a great guy I was unable to do anything but thinkin about him .. can u imagine? after everything I said regarding to not wanna fall in love again and that I dont need a man to complete me .. I was fallin for him .. yes I did .. and guess what .. he just broke up with me .. yeah .. after just 2 weeks I got dumped on my ass .. I don't know what I've done wrong again .. but HEY .. now that I'm alone again means that I have a lot more time on my hands for myself, scrapbooking aaaand of course University .. I might seriously start focusing on studying .. :S my exams r startin on Jan 18th and I didnt even get started yet Oo ..

well is there anything good to post about .. let me think .. well .. we r not havin any snow lol .. it looks like March here .. well I know that I live in Austria and actually we should have a lot of snow right now but .. if u dont belive me, take a look! I took this picture this morning ..

sooo there is nothing left to say than goodnight .. even if its just 6pm .. I do need to go to bed .. cryin my eyes out .. stuff like that :(

a yeah and btw I hope u guys had a great christmas and a joyful start to 2o1o?

xoxo Martina


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