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I got this damn cute award from Manu :) Thx hunny :)

The rules are simple.....Tell the world 5 things about you. Things, that you like to do.
Then give the Award to 10 people that have a great blog. :D

1. Shopping :) .. well I know .. sounds so girly, but .. I am a girl ;) I just love to go shopping, especially on my own, or with my Mom. I do really like windowshopping as well, or just like last weekend, walking on 5th Avenue for hours, getting into every store, looking, buying, enjoying!

2. FOOOOOOD !!! I love to eat, especially this american crap over here :P just love to get a small number 7 with dr. pepper at Wendy's, and of course a plain baked potatoe with sour cream instead of fries ;)

3. PAPER!!! --> scrapbooking, cards .. I dont know why, but I love paper, sometimes I buy it, and it loooks soooooo beautiful that I am unable to use it in a card or for a layout :S

4. Quality time with my Mom :) I love my Mom, she is my very best friend, and I try to hang out with her as often as possible! I enjoy spending time with her, walking our dogs, shopping, having coffee or stuff like that. My Mom is the very best and I couldn't live without her!

5. Bloghopping :) that is my fav. hobby online .. checking out every blog I can find :) to see what others do (no its not stalking), how creative they are and what they are up to!

I'll give this award tooooo:

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