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I was at

the dentist yesterday, but now my tooth hurts more than befor - awful .. :( what should I do? any suggestions?

I have to start working again at 3pm .. so I have time to post my cards I recently made, I absolutly adore my new ketto stamps, they are just soooo cute and I love working with them.

another thing is .. I'm invited to a wedding + christening next saturday, so I need a lil present plus card, I made this can for the wedding and a card will follow - if I have time. for the lil boy I tried to make a babybody card, didnt really turn out like I wanted but its ok, I have no spellbinders or something like that, so I had to cut it with my 10year old scissors :S, you can find the tutorial for this cute card here at Sasibella's Creativity

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